ALPATEC 5663/20

ALPATEC 5663/20 has excellent performance in repairing slight damage to the belt and preventing the product from sticking to the belt. It can be adhered to many substrates, such as aluminum, non-ferrous metals, steel, glass fiber cloth, ceramics, thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics, wood and other materials. Suitable for sealing, elastic bonding and heat insulation in the industrial field.

ALPATEC 5663/20 has a special high self-leveling property, which is very suitable for flexible sealing and bonding of glass plates and metals such as stainless steel. In addition, this product can also be used in coated conveyor belts that require excellent release characteristics and resistance to latex chemicals.

Basic properties, flowable one-component silicone rubber, vulcanized at room temperature to air humidity, solvent-free

color black

crosslinking system acetate

density 1.10 g/cm & sup3; DIN 53479,23 ℃

viscosity 8.500 mPas Brookfield HBTD (viscometer),23 /-2 ℃

self-leveling 105mm diameter, 10 ml on glass plate, 23 ℃

skinning 16 min DIN 50 014 -23/50-2

Shore A 15 DIN 53 505 *

tensile strength 1.0 N/mm² DIN 53 504,S 3 A *

350 DIN 53 504,S 3 A *

tensile stress value 0.35 N/mm² 100% elongation *

DIN 53 504,S 3 A

temperature stability -60~200 ℃